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用户数 : 1,000,  分类 : 辅助功能 ,  扩展大小 : 3.53KiB,  最后更新时间 : 2012-10-21,  版本 : 1.0.2
下载 dict.cc context menu 1.0.2 的 crx 文件后,
打开 Chrome 的扩展程序页面(chrome:extensions 或通过 Chrome 菜单图标 > 更多工具 > 扩展程序找到),然后将 .crx 文件拖放到扩展程序页面进行安装它。
                            This extension adds a new line to your context menu, where you can easily translate the selected word on dict.cc

Cool! But there is an extension. Why do you created the same again?

You may have noticed that there already is an extension which integrates dict.cc in your browsers context menu.

But in my opinion it was doing too much. The context menu really annoyed me.

My workflow when i wish to translate something is actually the following:

1. i open a new tab (ctrl+t)
2. type dic<tab>
3. paste the word/phrase i want to get translated
4. close the tab

But when iam reading long texts, i would prefere a mouse-only solution.

Why should i use it?
1) It's easy to use
2) It's unobtrusive
3) It works well
4) It does not use any system resources until you open your context menu
5) It's open source! (Source: https://github.com/BreiteSeite/chrome-extension-dict-cc)
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