Quip Conversation Killer
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下载 Quip Conversation Killer 1.2.1 的 crx 文件后,
打开 Chrome 的扩展程序页面(chrome:extensions 或通过 Chrome 菜单图标 > 更多工具 > 扩展程序找到),然后将 .crx 文件拖放到扩展程序页面进行安装它。
                            **Version 1.2.1 - Quip tried to break us with their update but we overcame! And this time we mean it!**

For centuries humankind has been struggling against all kind of dangers. First there were the dinosaurs. Then came natural disasters followed by plagues. And finally, the worst of all, large corporations intent on pushing bad UX.

But Quip Conversation Killer is here to save you from them all, including the dinosaurs!

You no longer have to click a button or press a key combo every time you open a Quip document. Now that annoying "conversation" window is gone for good. Or at least until you open it again.

Gain hours in your day and watch your productivity skyrocket. Quip Conversation Killer keeps you focused on what's important. Running away from dinosaurs.
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